And then this happened

(Really, for me, art is like sneezing. It just happens!)


Mary Katherine

Mary Katherine

Apparently I am still naming the people I paint. Eventually I will prove that I don’t only paint random ladies.

It just won’t be today, probably 😀

Míng Yuè

Míng Yuè

My friend once told me that her favourite vegetable was ketchup, so I painted this in honour of her. I am friends with strange people.

(I completely forgot about this blog, oops!)

Marcach Uasal Uaibhreach Óg

Marcach Uasal Uaibhreach Óg

Well I figured since I had an Aragorn, I ought to have a Legolas too. It’s only fair xD

…ha ha I am a dork XD

(The title comes from a song called “Mo Ghile Mear”, and the little color swatches along the side were just scribbled there real quick when I was looking at the colors in the photo I used as reference.)